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August 16, 2011


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NOW we can feel bad ... your honesty is so disarming; other mothers aren't as NICE as you, LOL!
Re: writing it down, fellow moms might like Lisa Garrigues' "Writing Motherhood".


Oh. my. gosh. I forgot to brush Kaleb's teeth tonight. First time ever!!! No, really! ;) Just wanted you to know I appreciated reading this tonight. Reality, even with its flaws, is awesome!


I'm going to archive this post and email it to L and A when they reach the height of their rebellious teenaged years.

Don't be surprised if they get matching t-shirts (or tattoos) that say "My mom watered down my milk". :)

Sarah Webb

Holy cow, that was a funny post!

Robyn Schaub

OMG, I can so relate to your list. But I am even less perfect, I'm sure. :)


Haha, I love the hair comment... I'm pretty sure your mum has done my daughter's hair before when she was sent with my mum and I hadn't brushed her hair ;)

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