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July 14, 2011


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emily (justem)

You look fantastic! So fun!! Will you have some video to share?? ;)


I love the poster!! This looks like such a fun show! And you look gorgeous!


You look awesome!

Don Parker

I was at the August 27th fabulous show and you all have such wonderful voices.

To top it off I was chosen as Mr Lee (although not a very good one) and I had so much fun being up there with you and the others. My wife couldn't stop laughing at me on when I was on the stage.

I want to thank you for the most fantastic and memorable play that I have ever seen and been a part of.

I must give you girls credit though because you never know what kind of a guy you are inviting on stage with you and what silly things he might try to do.

Anyway thanks again and I hope to see you and the others in another musical soon.



You totally rock in these costumes!! I love what you are doing. So fun!

Anna Sigga

You look fantabulous girl - I would love to see your perform "live"

Miranda Wedekind

You look awesome! Wouldn't recognize you...!!

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