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December 27, 2010


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I call this "lunchbag letdown" and I think everyone can relate; I know I can. So much anticipation, so much preparation and then it's done so quickly and is never what you expected. It will get better as the girls get a little older. We are even considering going away next year for Christmas - making a different sort of Christmas memory.

Have a very happy New Year, LIsa.

Sarah Pendergrast

Oh Lisa...I totally understand. The dolls are absolutely precious!!! The girls will love and cherish them, but it's so hard to appreciate each gift in the craziness of Chrostmas morning. Jacob was soooooo sick on Christmas morning, which put a damper on our day, but tylenol got us through. Your Christmas looked magical, and I'm glad you got your special moment, even if a bit late. I got my special moment on Christmas Eve in church when both kids climbed on my lap while the kids choir sang Away in a Manger - boy did I cry! Maybe we can scrap this week!

Keshet Shenkar

I can definitely understand--I tend to do this with vacations, get SO pumped and except it to be perfect and then I feel like it's "ruined" if it's not perfect! Sigh. Glad the day turned around for you!!

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