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October 21, 2010


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Your photos turned out great. Love that you documented your day :)
I will share your apps with hubby. He has one and takes a pic on it everyday 365.
My phone is the cheap freebe you get with a plan, but thats ok. I wouldn't now how to work a fancy one teehee.


Wow. I knew the iPhone 4 outstripped the 3GS camera, but these are fantastic. And it's so fun to document the day like that!


Wow! I can't believe those photos were taken on a phone. Mine always look terrible!

Megan B

love all your photos...and thanks for sharing the apps you use! Added a few to my phone too.

ellen s

i desperately need an iphone!

this was so fun! i had to laugh at your slow cooker comment. i am so bad at planning those days, too!

Barbara Graves

wow ur picture are great and your dog is so pretty.... nice coat...

Keshet Shenkar

Love these! Mind calling my husband and telling him all this?? We've had a running discussion on "cost of iphone" vs. "awesomeness of photos" :)

lisa truesdell

i http://hipstamaticapp.com/

i use shake it photo a lot, too.

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