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August 07, 2010


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ok I am drooling over your kitchen. Do you mind if I come in person & drool on your island? :-)

I have imaginations of deep, coming-of-age type conversations at the kitchen table too. Its the place to be.


Lisa it is beautiful. I am more than jealous.

Keshet Shenkar

Wow, it looks great! When we move to a house, we'll probably also be doing a lot of kitchen work because of the needs of a kosher kitchen, so it's fun to see this coming together!


Soooo pretty!!


are these pics with the 10-22?
(BTW it sold within an hour of posting on craigslist...)

Sarah Hodgkinson

Great kitchen, Lisa! We just got ours done in March. It was the first room we attacked in this house since moving in in October '09. A good working kitchen is vital. 'nuff said.


I am married to a kitchen remodeler and I am green with envy! ;)

Alana Geikie

Well, the last shot is the best. It just shows how excited those two little angels were! You’re right about the last sentences… I think the kitchen is one of the places in the house where the family bonds together most of the time. I bet you’ve been having lots of those sweet and happy moments as a family now that your kitchen is done. Best wishes to you and your family, Lisa. :)

Robbie Marinero

I love how things are organized in that kitchen area. You made good use of the space. Aside from that, it also promotes safety since the appliances aren’t too exposed. Because of that, children won’t be tempted to tinker around with them. It looks so neat and tidy. =) No wonder those two cute tykes enjoy that part so much!

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