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July 05, 2010


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Keshet Shenkar

I remember when my parents were redoing our kitchen--there was much talk of knobs. I love your choices though!


What a lovely family tradition! Next July 1st, whether I'm in Canada or not, I'm going to do something similar!
And your pulls are indeed dreamy!


Your knobs are so pretty, ok that didn;t come out right teehee.
So happy you had a good Canada Day. Our was OK, I blogged about it. We also tatted outselves out.


Your Canada Day photos are so cute. :)


Yup, dreamy!
LOVE the stone countertop on the island too!!!! Very very dreamy!!!!

We still have our Canada flag hanging from the car :-)


Totally dreamy! I love those handles. They look an awful lot like the ones we chose for our bathroom last summer. :)

(Great Canada Day photos too, btw!)

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