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April 01, 2010


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Heather M.

what a beautiful post, lisa. totally made me tear up! you are such a woman.


You live a blessed life indeed. And I feel blessed to be a part of it in some small way.


oooooooooooo this is really really cool. what a great evaluation (for lack of better word) and you REALLy need to do a lo or mini book. really. this rocks.

Moriah M

What an awesome post! Isn't it amazing to reflect on where you came from, where you are, and how cool life can be!?!


I love this. You rock.

My only dreams when I was a young was to have my own appartment and be a secretary (I loved office supplies) teehee.
My first appartment was a basement app. Not what I was expecting.


Hee hee. We read Christmas books all year round, too. Your girls are adorable!


Beautiful writing. I love all the things you had happen today.

And - Oil of Olay is the best.


thanks for this...wonderful in many ways.

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