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November 20, 2009


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I really love this post--it's so interesting to see what being on a DT is like from the inside.


Actually, I think "pumkin" goes really well with "pickin". Both are not full words. Plus, I often pronounce the word that way...call a granbabe "pumkin". So, I say "It's a keeper" I love it. And Audrey's outfit? Pumkin Pickin Perfect!

Linda Rodriguez

I think it's a real fine line between scrapping for fun and scrapping for deadlines. I only have obligation to one place now, and I'm really enjoying the whole process again. I think you've definitely got the right attitude though!

Thanks for the sneak peaks! And your little pum'kin is adorable! :)


I love Audrey's pumkin picking outfit. So fun! Perfect!

Julie Ann Shahin

Sometimes I wonder how often I would make projects if not for deadlines? Oh well!!! I am totally digging Collage Press' Joyride, it's so so cute - can't wait to see what you've created!


Dissertation Layout

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Nathalie (famille1999)

I think it's tough not to fall into that trap. That's what happened to me too last year. When both my DT gigs were cut short unexpectedly I felt some relief at the same time as sadness at losing the camaraderie that was created with the rest of the teams but I was happy to have the possibility to go back to scrap the stories that I wanted to really tell without having to find a way to put them in an awesome and innovative package too. :)

I love your work though so I hope that we can continue to see a lot of it around. :)

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