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November 28, 2009


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I don't have a subscription, but I love looking at the wonderful ideas online.
Thanks for the chance to win!!


No, I don't have a subscription. I love looking online, and occasionally pick one up at the store.

Amy Coose

I don't have a sub, but would love one! (:

Tonya Dirk

I would love a chance at a subscription! Congrats on being asked back for another year Lisa!!!

Michele H.

Congrats to you and the new team members & thanks so much for the chance to win! I'm new to SCT and love what i'm seeing so far :)

Shelley P.

Congrats for making the team again! I love to browse through the issues for ideas and techniques. My mom gets me the complimentary copies of SCT from her local library.

Jenny McGee

I first heard about SCT magazine through Kim Hughes blog. Then I started reading online issues.


I love looking at SCT online. I have a had time finding it in the store but would love a subscription. Big congrats on making the team again! :-)

Heather M.

I read SCT online and first read about it at 2Peas. I was lucky enough to meet Catharine and Kerry a few years ago in Edmonton too. :) Love this magazine so much! So happy to see your name up on that team, Lisa.


Congrats to you and the rest of the DT, and thank you so much for this chance to win a subscription :)!

Inky Hugs,


Congrats! Can't wait to see what the team comes up with. :)

Savannah O'Gwynn

Congrats on becoming part of the team! I love these magazines---I am working on saving enough money for all of the subscriptions!! I love everything about them!


What an awesome giveaway! I just wanted to drop by to say congratulations to you and your fellow DT members... and to tell you about my amazing experience with SCT magazine and Catherine. I pick up the magazine at my LSS, and I've had a few LOs pubbed in the magazine in the past... I love that it's FREE, and I truly admire Catherine for wanting to help out the small business owners by helping them offer something that the big box stores don't have. I love that she's been able to grow the magazine at a time when other publications are shutting their doors. So yes, congratulations to you, Lisa... and to the entire team... those whose work appears on the pages of the magazine, but also to those who work behind the scenes to bring this wonderful source of inspiration to scrappers around the world.

(p.s. Since I am obviously not in need of a free subscription, don't enter me in the draw. lol)


I don't believe I've ever even heard of the magazine before...and after looking thru the names that contribute each month I wanna know why not!?!! Looks amazing!! Would love to win the subscription!!


woot woot congrats on making the team again. i sometimes will browse the online verson but am more of a hardcopy lover (bad for the environment i know!) i love yours and davinie's work so would love to win - I am even going to challenge myself to submit a few layouts for the next call...wish me luck!

Cathy P.

I have been reading the magazine online. I see many of my fave scrappers on the team. Looks like a great magazine!

Lynette C

Scrapbook and Cards is new to me. I will be checking it out online and it would be wonderful to win a subscripation from you.


I {heart} Scrapbooking and Cards!I used to pick it up at my LSS when we had one but since we don't anymore, I have been looking online and missing my hard copy terribly.
I read and reread it cover to cover, putting sticky notes on all the pages I want to copy projects from or take ideas from. I leave older copies of it in my car for when I get stuck behind a train crossing, or waiting outside the school for the kids. Usually I can't wait to drive home as fast as I can to try something new! Love the design, color and feel of every issue so far!


Congratulations on being on the SCT DT for another year ... awesome!!
I love your work & can't wait to see all of the issues!!
As for my experience with this fabulous magazine .... well, I would have to say it is my favorite, but the closest store that has it is 5 hours away, & whenever I do get there, they have none left!! Yuck!! So luckily it is available online so I download all of the issues to read :) I just prefer the actual paper copy in my hand I guess, to take with me wherever I go ... scrapper thing I guess :) hehe
Thanks for the awesome chance :)

Tina Park

Greetings! I've never picked up a copy of this mag nor have I looked at it online until your post on 2peas today. Looks great though and I may have to stop by and pick up a copy today :) Congrats on making it onto the DT again this year! Cheers! Oh and thanks for the chance to win!

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

Congrats!!! I don't have a subscription. I try and get into a scrap store when it comes out, so that I can get a hard copy. I rarely can wait for that though, and head on over to read it online too. But I prefer the hard copy. It's wonderfully colourful, Canadian, and it's a beautiful high quality magazine. Love it.

Judi Dunkle

I don't have a subscription, but has bought a copy at AC Moore and love it!!!

laura j

I generally get a copy from my lss but missed the last issue...so perhaps I should look into getting a subscription!


I would love to have a sub to this magazine as well. Typically I get my copy from the lss. I so prefer a paper copy but I do often sneak a peek at the newest issue online each quarter since I just can't wait to see it!!


I am new to scrapbooking, blogs and giveaways, and Scrapbook and Cards mag. I look forward to scrapping with all of you!

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