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November 23, 2009


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lisa this is hysterical. but i totally get it. they are pretty awesome.


Loved this post!


You're too funny, Lisa. What a fun post! I fancied being an ice skater myself, for about 2 seconds! :)


Hi Lisa,
I love figure skating too. Well, maybe not as much (I won't be ready to pay 100$ for sitting in cold for a long time :-)
I loved to skate myself, but it's long time ago. My shoes are still in Bratislava...

Pamela Young

I used to love ice skating too...when I was a kid. :) Probably couldn't even skate anymore. But I do love to watch it! :)

Lisa Dickinson

oh i can totally understand. it used to be my dream to learn to skate like that. until I actually realized the athletic skill (and basic coordination!) that it required. :P


ok, you do sound a little bit like a stalker.

There is a figure skater that goes to my parents church in Cape Cod. Paul somebody...he's short. Don't know his last name - one sylabull I think. Anyway, they see him every week.

Did you watch Battle of the Blades?

Has Audrey tried skating?
I'm going to get skates & a helmet for Bella this weekend.

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