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January 19, 2012


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emily (justem)

Glad you are back! And I love book reviews! I actually really liked Sarah's Key...but it could have been because I was crazy pregnant and hormonal and the time and it made me cry, thus disguising itself as a better book than it really was?? ;)


Hey Lisa! I am looking forward to losing my blog virginity to you! So far so good. I am in a book club and Sarahs Key is up next. I appreciate the other suggestions too. Ciao.

Cindy Stanley

Lisa .. I missed you! Welcome back!


My, you HAVE read a lot!!! I just finished my first Kobo novel (The Cat's Table) and am on my second (Loving Frank), though I have to admit I'm losing interest in the latter and may have to abandon it.
You should read The Sisters Brothers; just read the preview and then bought the rest of the book -- looks amazing!


well i didn't even realize it had been that long so that's what that says about my blogging! i am the same - life gets busy and i haven't gotten around to blogging as much as i'd like lately but i do love when i have it all done.

have also read some of those books and thanks for the memo re the birth house - a stranger at the airport told me to read it last week (prob b/c i'm preggo she assumed i'd like it!)

i'm reading extremely loud and incredibly close - a bit strange at parts but def. a great read


Hi Lisa, thanks for the book recommendations, I've added some to my "To-read" list on Goodreads :) I've also become a e-book reader fan!


Glad you are back Lisa! I am a book-aholic. I like to buy them as much as read them (kind of like scrapbooking and stamping supplies). I have read the Birth House and it's wonderful. Ami McKay's next novel is The Virgin Cure - just as wonderful (maybe better). It was my last book club's pick. Sarah's Key is one of my favourites of all time and I am looking forward to reading both The Hunger Games (after my daughter finishes) and Loving Frank.

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