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July 23, 2011


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Don't feel like a heel. You know yourself better then anyone. Hell, I've been saying for 4 years I need more than 5 or 6 hours a night and I'm still not getting it. Fragmented sleep is the #1 cause of irritability. That's my favorite new quote and I'll be using it until "someone" in my house figures out that Mothers shouldn't be doing all the work.


And PS, I really want to see you preform one day. bet your awesome!


Love how you rocked the Crate! And I'm totally trying that banana loaf from the post below--looks terrific!

Robyn Schaub

Totally understand, and someday your girls will get it, too. Just hang in there. I know they must be proud of their mommy!


Lisa, just wanted to say...well, I'm not sure what, other than sending some empathy your way. It IS hard to balance being a mom with your other life goals. I always thought "when _____ happens" i won't feel so stressed (potty training, weaning, school, whatever). But honestly, it doesn't really get easier. Better, yes, but easier, not so much. What changes is your ability to cope with stuff, to see what REALLY needs your attention and what can wait. You just have to keep trying for that balance. Sometimes you find it!

Anyway, not sure if that makes sense, but I wanted you to know that it is OK to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Hang in there! I bet you're awesome in your play!

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